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She was about to break every rule ever created around her job. And she didn’t care. She was so angry. So extremely angry. This was it. She had officially had enough. 

She had materialized herself right in front of the hunter. 

(Well, in the term hunter, we often understand the act of hunting for food, or for money. This was neither. This man was on a joyride.) 

She had materialized herself right in front of the «hunter». She had made herself as big, and as intimidating as possible. 
Towering over him, and with a thundering voice she had pierced him with her eyes. 

«Human! Do you realize how endangered that rhino is?»

She had really placed it upon him. She had almost held a long speech about echo systems, and biodiversity. And how important it was. She had scared him. She could tell that she had scared him. And then she had left. 

A couple of hours had passed. 

And then he had shot the rhino.

She had collapsed onto a large rock. She was about to give up. The grim reaper had come to collect the rhino. Seen her. 

 - There is nothing you can do, you know…. They are to stupid to get it. 
 - You don’t say….

Occupational irritations

 - Why are you always so annoyed? 

Oh great… Lets ask the dodo personal questions… Just what she needed right now…

 - You want to know «why I am always so annoyed»… well let me tell you… every day I collect souls. 
But not just any souls. No. Specifically the souls of the extinct. «hello. I am here to tell you, that you were the last of your species, and now you are dead. With this your kind is forever gone. Sorry.»

She really didn’t want to have this conversation. Ok, she probably looked completely, and utterly sour…. She just didn’t want to talk about it. 
Everytime she started talking about it, she could feel the anger well up… and no-one was served by that. 

It was funny really. 
The dodo, was known to be a docile species. 
But after a couple of years doing this job, she found herself almost aggressive. 

 - But the grim reaper seems to be having fun… 
 - Well, the grim reaper doesn’t have to carry news of the eradication of an entire species. Every day. 


 - But…
 - No. I will not discuss this.  

More silence. 


She had spent… what had to be about 300 years… in limbo. Silently drifting trough the void. There was something to be said about extinction. Suddenly everything becomes very silent. All the other dodos…. To be clear… all the dodos…. They had all moved on… and she…. The mold so to speak, she was just floating around here, doing nothing, feeling nothing… just breathing… trough nostrils not really there. 
Existing. Barely existing. 
If nothing else it was peaceful. 
And then, one day she had been summoned. 

 - Are you the dodo?
 - Yes. I am the idea «Dodo»
 - A, thats true… a Plato thing, isn’t it… you are the mold that all the living dodos was built upon? 
 - That would be me. 

The high council had measured her with their eyes for a while. 

 - You are the eternal idea…
 - yes? 
 - Why is your shape so vague?

One could have heard a pin drop. You dont ask someone «why their shape is vague». You just don’t. Half the council, was about to interject. The other half, just staring in shock, at the person having asked the question. The secretary had stopped writing. 

 - Why is my shape so vague? Well no-one really knows how my species looked…
 - Huh? But… the dodo…
 - … were all killed before anyone could make any reliable records. 
 - But…. The paintings…
 - …. were painted by painters never having seen a dodo in their life. 
 - … the taxidermies? 
 - Taxidermy hadn’t really been perfected yet. anything made would - first and foremost - be made - again by people who had never seen a dodo, and would therefore not be anatomically sound, and secondly would not stand up to the test of time. People didn’t think a species could go extinct, and so they didn’t see the value in preserving all the specimen they had. 
 - … but there are taxidermies… at the natural history museum in London, for example. 
 - Hahaha… yes… well that is not a taxidermy, its a reconstruction.
 - A reconstruction? 
 - Its feathers are taken from a goose, its legs, modeled on those of a turkey, the beak is plaster. The whole thing is just guess work… educated so mind you, based on the two only complete dodo skeletons in the world, and a handful of anatomically incorrect paintings. 
 - … this is almost depressive. 
 - …
 - But you´re the dodo! You are the best known recently extinct species in the world!
 - I disappeared before paleontology was a thing…

They had stared at each other for a while.  

 - Anyway… we have some work for you.
 - Yes… what can I help you with? 
 - Enough species are now going extinct, that we need a specific reaper for them. 
 - … and you want…
 - You. 
 - … why not the Quagga? Why not the Tasmanian tiger? 
 - People dont know those. 
 - Yes they do! You know they do!
 - Not as much as they know you. 
 . …. ok then 
 - You will do it? 
 - … do I have a choice? 
 - Great! Give her a body. 

The secretary had blushed badly.

 - What is wrong?
 - There are no dodo bodies… no-one knows how…. She was the blueprint, and… 
 - Oh for…. Just give her any convenient body, so she can do her job!

And that had been that.

Reaper of lost species.

- Are you the kakapo?
- Am i the…. Well I am a kakapo… 
- So it is you. 

The bigger bird towered over him. Its round eyes piercing trough him. It was as if the wind had gotten colder. 

- Excuse me but… what is this all about? Who are you? 
- … I am the dodo. And I am here to tell you that you are the last on this Island. 
- What do you mean last on this island? 
- The last kakapo. The last kakapo on this island.
- The… the last…
- You are not the last of your species. But it is close. 
- What… why are you telling me this? 
- Because that is my job. 
- What am I supposed to do with this information?!?
- Nothing. There is nothing you can do.
- Then why…
- My job.

The dodo vanished into thin air right before his eyes. 
Ok then… this would be one of those days.

Strigops habroptila.
The kakapo, native to New Zealand, is the heaviest parrot in the world, and also the only flightless one, its wings being far to short in relation to its body. It also lacks the sternum, which would "lock" its wings in the flight position. 
The feather crest around the eyes, gives the males an "owl like" expression, which has given the species its other name, the "owl parrot". 
This is less apparent on females, who on their side has longer tail feathers. 
It is the only species of the strigops genus.  

The kakapo is also an EDGE species, (Evolutionary Distinct, and Globally Endangered) of which many disappear every year. 
There are really few left. 
Among other reasons due to introduced predators. 
this bird could evolve like it did, because it had no competition. 
People have brought with them a host of predators, dogs, cats, weasels, possums, rats, all of them hunting the birds, and their eggs.  
And sadly, the flightless kakapo, is defenseless.


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